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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bones 8.5: Applesauce on Election Eve

Well, the election eve had nothing do with tonight's Bones 8.5, but since that's when I saw it - tonight - it felt right to put it in the title.   That, I wanted a chance to mention Donald Trump again, because Bones' mention of him was one of the funniest lines of the last episode.

Applesauce did have a lot to do with tonight's episode, but wasn't the best part.  That belonged to the opening piece - an opera-singing sanitation guy and his partner, who preferred Kanye.  They end up singing a pretty mean Pagliacci, with some good notes, until they see, well ... that's where the story proper begins, as their operatic notes segue seamlessly into screams.

A young woman turns up dead in the trash with multiple, deep cuts and flesh removed.  She was a partner in a charming artismal applesauce store. At some point, Colin muses that the killer may be a Jack the Ripper copycat.  But since the cuts all were made at the exact same angle, with the same depth, I figured the weapon was a machine not a solitary knife.  Had this been science fiction, it could have been some stainless steel terminator.  But as it was, it was an apple blender that did the deed -  the victim's partner pushed her without meaning to kill her during an argument.

The relevance of applesauce to tonight's episode was also that it was a Sweets show - and apples are usually partially to very sweet, right?   Sweets is at loose ends after breaking up with Daisy.  Booth invites him to stay at chez Bones & Booth, and we get some good scenes.

But the best scene was at the very end of the show, with Bones and Sweets dancing, and Sweets pulling a good move when Booth says elevator.

So ... I miss the Bones with real serial killers, but on election eve I'll take the Pagliacci and the dancing.

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