Friday, November 16, 2012

Fringe 5.7: Father and Son

Two men, father and son, each more intelligent and focused than they've been in the past, each moving Fringe 5.7 forward tonight.   One is fearing what he is becoming, and wants it undone.  The other is reveling in it, and will take it to the max, in the name of revolution, success, and revenge.

I actually like Walter the way he is now - more like Walternate, as I mentioned last week, or more like William Bell, as Walter puts it, and whose influence was very much in play tonight.  Walter is afraid he'll lose the kindness, the humanity, that winning quality that he had in such profusion along with his cracked craziness in seasons past.  I actually don't miss that too much, maybe not even at all.  I like seeing Walter operate at his full intelligence.

Olivia knows there's something very different about Peter.  We know its the effect of putting in the tech, and Olivia knows too by the end of the episode, because Peter tells her.  His mental capacity has made him into another Hari Seldon (see Isaac Asimov's Foundation series; I also said Nate Silver was a Hari Seldon in real life, after he predicted the results of the 2012 Presidential election so perfectly).   But back to Fringe - Peter can follow the precise movements of everyone around him, including Observers, which means he can predict the future pretty well.  Add to that the acute Observer hearing, and an ability to work out complex mathematical relationships instantly, and you have a pretty impressive revolutionary in Peter.  We already saw, last week, how the tech has increased his physical strength and his control of his body.

Olivia's worried.  She doesn't want to lose Peter again.  And he's already lost a tuft of hair.  Is he on his way to becoming a Bald Observer?  Is that Peter in the future in the picture top left of this blog post? But there's no way our people will be able to prevail over the Observers without Peter's powers.   Peter already has had some impressive initial success - tonight some more classic Fringe science - and there's clearly more to come.

If our side wins, will Peter surrender the tech, take it out of his head?  Hard to see this happening.  Will Walter really have those pieces of his brain removed again?  I don't want to see this happening.

Can both survive the end of this season?   I just dont' know ... 

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