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Monday, November 26, 2012

Bones 8.8: The Talking Remains

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This could have been a review of The Walking Dead.  But it's a review, instead, of Bones 8.8.  And rather than up-in-your-face horror, this Bones is falling down funny, one of the funniest Bones in years.

Fisher remarks that "it's weird when the remains talk," and Bones is off and running with a master, secret, street artist who falls from the side of a building into a corpse, with the result that the corpse is literally stuck to his - Zed's - back.  This leads to all sorts of gags, including Zed saying he felt something move when Angela kisses him, when all he was referring to were bugs inside the corpse on his back, or maybe the corpse sliding off because of the peanut butter applied to remove it.  Yeah, it was that kind of Bones.

But why did Angela kiss Zed?  She admires his daring art, and this is what the show is really about - artistic talent, whether in art on the sides of buildings or in stand-up comedy on stage.

The victim - that is, the corpse - was a stand-up comic, if not quite a stand-up guy, and to solve the case we even get Booth up on stage tossing out a few gems, like talking about shooting an unarmed man whose arms had been shot off  (you had to see the delivery to fully appreciate the humor).   If you think this episode was in the toilet, you'd be right, because head bashed on toilet was the commodus operandi of the crime.

Ok, I'll stop now.  Because comedy is serious business - anything is, where money and careers are involved - and the victim was done in by someone who found with the comic's career-move no laughing matter.   And before the show is over we have Angela's artistic talent confirmed (and good to see the "Angelatron" in action), Fisher's dark comedic talent revealed, the poor Three Stooges put down as "psychopaths," and Booth and Bones riffing about a Steve Martin-like arrow in the head.  Another arrow in their Cupid's quiver, ever flying in Bones close to thanatos and libido.

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