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Monday, November 12, 2012

Homeland 2.7: Love Me Tinder

So I've been thinking all season that the Dana-Finn story is the weakest in Homeland, a distraction from other great stuff going on.  Dana certainly played a crucial role last season, getting her father not to blow himself and VP Walden to the smithereens in the safe room.  But this season, the teenage romance seemed nothing special and obvious, until episode 2.7 tonight, when Dana & Finn suddenly pulled Brody and Carrie and the whole season in their direction, briefly but significantly.

Dana and Finn at the center was brief, because they're no longer even a couple at the end of the episode. Dana's insistence that the two tell their parents about the fatal hit-and-run leads, unsurprisingly, to Finn being willingly whisked away on the VP's orders.  But Dana's having none of the VP's wanting to bury the hit-and-run, and she gets Brody to stand behind her.

This proves to be Brody's most defiant act since he went over (presumably) to the CIA, but even that is short-lived.  Carrie intercepts Brody and Dana in front of the local police station, and, getting a moment alone with Brody, Carrie lays it out to him that his deal with the CIA and therefore his freedom would be blown if Brody and Dana go into the police.   A little heavy handed - and I don't know why the CIA couldn't just have pulled some strings to get the local police to back off - but it works.  And it affirms the CIA's continuing power over Brody.

Speaking of pulling strings, Saul pulls a few to get a woman terrorist a better cell in prison - with a view - to get her to identify the terrorist who led the deadly assault in Gettysburg in the last episode, but it's all in vain.   One of the things that gives Homeland a keen edge is the mix of successes and failures in the CIA operations against Nazir, and after the turning of Brody, we were due for two failures.  We got one last week and another one tonight.

But with a dangerous silver lining, too, as Carrie and Brody seem to be really enjoying each other's company.   Powerful tinder for the story ahead...

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