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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dexter 7.9: Two Memorable Scenes and the Ascension of Isaac

Dexter continues to surprise and satisfy in its seventh season, which is also moving faster than any of the other seasons, which I also like.

Isaac finally turns out to be one of the more interesting and multi-dimensional of Dexter's arch-antagonists, engineering Dexter into actually working with him to get Isaac killers.   Dexter at first turns down Isaac's kind offer to give up his quest to kill Dexter if Dex helps, but Isaac's kidnap of Hannah and threat to kill her convinces Dexter to cooperate.  Of course, Hannah is so adept at killing people who threaten her that she kills Isaac's man, who nonetheless manages to stab Hannah.  This sets up the scene at the end of the episode, as Dex visits Hannah, recuperating.

This whole episode is really about true love - as the last few episodes have been - of Isaac for Victor, and Dexter for Hannah.  Isaac, in a memorable death scene (he's shot on the boat by his nite-club running underling), talks to Dexter about true love, and how there may be still be hope for Dexter.  This scene in itself has to be one of the best between Dexter and an antagonist - because the antagonist is really trying to help Dexter.   In this one scene, Isaac has moved up, if not into the pantheon of antagonists of Rudy, Lila, and Trinity, at least on a par with Miguel Prado.

Now Dex, as he always does, alerts us in his internal narration about his concerns about letting Hannah knows how deeply he feels about her.  He knows she's attracted to his killing side.  Will she feel the same if Dex shows her his finally emerging human side?

We find out in that hospital scene.   The close-up on Hannah's face when Dexter tells her he feels safe with her tells it all.   She's ambivalent.  Having Dexter or anyone feel safe with her is not what she ever expected.   Will she embrace it, and Dexter, wholeheartedly, totally?

Your guess is as good as mine, and we'll know the answer in the final three episodes of this superb season.

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