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Monday, October 14, 2013

Homeland 3.3: Two Prisons

A strong episode 3.3 of Homeland tonight, perfectly balanced in the misery Brody and Carrie are enduring, in two separate prisons.

Brody is back, yes, but not in very good shape. He's "rescued" by some people in Venezuela, whose leader has some loyalty to Carrie.   But his rescue turns out to be a prison, because his rescuer doesn't want him to leave.   Along the way, Brody learns the hard way that he can't rely on Muslims to help him, even if he speaks the language.  There's a young woman who is liking him, but she's the rescuer's daughter.  And there's a doctor who's also stuck in the uncompleted high-rise that serves as a prison, and he seems to have the makings of a memorable character.  Good ingredients for the future.

Meanwhile, Carrie is also stuck in her prison aka the mental institution to which she's been confined. My take in what we see is that she's faking taking her lithium meds, but can't quite pull of the pretense, and in the end she gives in and asks for her medication.  It's actually a somewhat savvy move on her part, a sign that she knows she can't win - get out of the institution - with the strategy she's been pursuing.

Brody has been resisting a narcotic that he has been proffered by his rescuer/jailers.  But as a sign of the hopelessness that he has been fighting a losing battle against, he decides to take the narcotic too.

So, as I said, a perfectly matched episode.  Our two heroes, on separate continents, contesting their prisons unsuccessfully, giving in to the drugs.  All that's missing is the two of them together, but that's going to take some surmounting of the drugs, not to mention their surroundings, and some further doing.  I'm looking forward.

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