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Friday, October 4, 2013

Revolution 2.2: Reanimation

Revolution 2.2 continued its mix of smart-alec humor and science fiction blood and guts, but there was much less humor this week than last.  And the humor comes early, as the town sheriff who was captured last week with Mile tells Miles what inspired him to become a sheriff: tales his father told him about a Texas ranger.  Not, not the Lone Ranger, but a ranger the sheriff thought was real: Walker, whom Miles and we know was a television character, when electricity still coursed through the world, and jokes were getting rife about Chuck Norris.

That's the last joke we'll hear from Miles, who gets his hand hammered, and soon gets led into a room of horrors run by the creepy guy played by Matt Ross, last seen to good effect on Big Love and Magic City.  Maybe the nanotech that brought back Aaron from 2+ hours and no beating heart will help heal Miles' hand.

Nanotech as astonishing healer has been a staple of science fiction and speculation about the future for more than decade.  The logic is that tiny devices, smaller than a blood cell, could be programmed and inserted into the body to repair damaged organs, wipe out cancer cells, anything and everything bad our bodies are prone to generate or contract.   There's yet to be a television show, though, in which such nanites play a central continuing role - we did see them from time to time on Fringe - and it would nice to see them move into center stage on Revolution.   What we do know about the nanotech healing so far is that it doesn't work on all living organisms.  We know it doesn't work on a dead mouse, in a scene which had a faint echo of "Flowers for Algernon," and we don't even know what effect it could have humans other than Aaron.

Meanwhile, the single best twist in episode 2.2 takes place with Major Tom, when he suckers a true patriot into an assassination plot against the visiting Secretary of State - only to shoot the patriot in the head, right in front of the Secretary, so he can get into her good graces.   Tom continues as the most knowledgable character on the show, repeating the point he made last week that the people who claim to be our surviving national government can't be just that, have to be something else or more, because otherwise they would never have destroyed Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Neville's now in a good position to learn more about these "Americans," and I'm looking forward to seeing what that is.

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