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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Blacklist 1.2: Mysteries

The Blacklist continues to intrigue, with a second episode that features action in Montreal and New York City, and brings us a little closer to confirming the relationship between Elizabeth and Reddington.

As I indicated last week, it seems pretty clear that Reddington is Elizabeth's father.  The scene at the end of 1.2, in which we learn that Elizabeth has been adopted, all but confirms Reddington's fatherhood.   On the other hand, in a show in which twists excel, there's still a good chance that something else is going on.

Elizabeth's husband also presents an interesting mystery.   Elizabeth suspects that Reddington inserted all the passports, etc.,  but that's not confirmed.  Elizabeth asks her husband what's really going on - but since he's unconscious, his lack of response doesn't tell us much.  And when she takes him home from the hospital - his rapid recovery being another surprise - she's all smiles and doesn't question him at all.

It's fun to see Reddington constantly get the better of our FBI and other governmental officials - including the tough lady played by Jane Alexander - a good adversary for James Spader  - but it will also be interesting to see how far this goes, and where Elizabeth's ultimate loyalties reside.

As long as Reddington keeps helping the FBI nab the nasty criminals, he's likely to get whatever he wants from the Feds.  But sooner or later he'll do something the FBI really doesn't like, or understand, and I'm hoping that happens sooner.

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