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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Recording of "Looking for Sunsets (in the Early Morning)" by Sundial Symphony

Delighted to announce that HappySad Records has just released a new version of my "Looking for Sunsets (in the Early Morning)" by Sundial Symphony.

Sundial Symphony consists of Don Frankel and Robbie Rist.  Don played piano and organ on the original recording of "Looking for Sunsets (in the Early Morning)" that appeared on my Twice Upon a Rhyme album in 1972.  Don went on to have career in television, stage, and recording.  Robbie Rist was Cousin Oliver in The Brady Bunch, and has gone to appear in nearly a hundred movies and television shows, including Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles and Sharknado.

More about Don and Robbie below.  You can get the single either on iTunes or Amazon.

DON FRANKEL performed on off-Broadway stages in NYC including the Shakespeare rock musical Rubber Nickels, and the original cast album. Don’s TV credits include recurring roles on Gimme a Break, Dear John, Santa Barbara, and the pilot of The Proteens, along with several commercials. His film credits include Punch and Jody and Champion. His LA stage credits include performing improvisational comedy on the stages of The Groundlings and The Second City (Diving for Chickens). He also performed with the Los Angeles Children’s Theater. He performed with Jennifer Lopez on her Fiat commercial and her "Papi" music videos, and he performed in Broadway "Hair" Producer Michael Butler's production of "Pope Joan The Musical". Don is a multi-instrumentalist and singer. His musical credits include being a Buddah Records recording artist (on "Looking for Sunsets" by Protozoa, written and produced by Paul Levinson), and playing organ and piano on many of 
the tracks on Paul Levinson's TWICE UPON A RHYME (HappySad Records, 1972; reissued on Whiplash, 1972). Don has also recorded and toured with members of The Standells, The Grass Roots, The Brady Bunch, The Land of the Lost and The Office. Don is a songwriter and has had his songs on radio commercials as well as tv (Poltergeist, The Legacy) and movies (A Beatles Documentary). 

ROBBIE RIST has appeared in nearly a hundred television shows and movies, ranging from the Brady Bunch (where Robbie played Cousin Oliver), the Mary Tyler Moore show (where Robbie played Ted Baxter's son) to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (where Robbie was the voice-over for Michaelangelo) and Sharknado (Robbie the bus driver). Meanwhile, Robbie has been playing music since his teens. His group The Andersons! released "Separated at Birth" (2000) and "Family Secrets" on Smile Records (2001). Robbie has also performed as the lead singer, guitarist, bassist and/or drummer for several other Los Angeles rock bands, including Wonderboy, Cockeyed Ghost, Nice Guy Eddie, and Steve Barton and the Oblivion Click. He has also produced tracks for Suzy & Los Quattro, Backline, Ginger Britt and the Mighty, Jeff Caudill, Kingsizemaybe and The Mockers, and the Rubinoos album Automatic ToasteR. 

Don and Robbie performed together on the Jerry Lewis Telethon in Las Vegas, the Variety Telethon and other TV shows in the 1970s (see photos), and at such famous Los Angeles rock clubs as The Troubadour and The Whiskey A Go Go. Don always loved "Looking for Sunsets (in the Early Morning)," and in the Fall of 2013 teamed up again with Robbie - this time as Sundial Symphony - to record a brand new version of Paul Levinson's 1972 song.

Lyrics to "Looking for Sunsets" here;  Sundial Symphony page on Facebook here.
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