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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Revolution 2.4: Nanites and ... Maybe Aliens?

On a night in which our real US government finally got down to business in Washington, the faux US government - the self-styled "patriots" - took a beating from our heroes in Atlanta and the Plains Nation in Revolution 2.4.

The Atlanta scene featured Major Tom eliminating his patriot superior and taking over that position himself.  It was a good move towards Tom's goal of destroying them from the inside.  Tom is sure that the patriots are not really a vestige or descendant of the US government before the blackout, and a sheet of paper in Rachel's hand out West seems to support that.

The best action in a variety of ways was out West tonight.  Charlie and Monroe come to the edge of an uneasy truce, as Monroe saves her from men who drugged her.   Miles dispatches that sicko who lost his wife.  But the best part of the story entails Rachel turning the deadly tables on her friend Ken and killing him - he turns out to be a patriot and was about to kill her - and what happens when two patriot soldiers get the drop on Miles.

Actually, I regretted Ken's dying for two reasons - I like the acting of Richard T. Jones - and he died only because he followed the dumb Hollywood practice of not killing Rachel immediately.  Ken was old enough to have seen how many times James Bond was able to turn the table on his would-be killers when they toyed with Bond rather than killing him outright.  But Rachel comes away from that encounter with the piece of paper I mentioned above - which she shows to Miles - and it has some kind of writing that neither recognizes.  So I'm wondering - aliens?

Meanwhile, Miles was able to make that meeting with Rachel because Aaron came to the rescue - by seeing the danger Miles was in, even though Aaron's eyes were closed and he was miles away - and directing the nanites to incinerate the patriot soldiers.

Good stuff - definite nanites under Aaron's control, and possible aliens.  Bring it on.

PS - In response to a comment on IMDB: The writing on the sheet resembled Arabic. But - I saw that, and thought, wouldn't someone as educated as Rachel have known that was Arabic?

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