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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Blacklist 1.3: Construction Site Heights

The Blacklist offered another high-intensity episode last night - 1.3 - with a fight on a construction site that had so many good moves and punches that it could have almost come out of a Mission Impossible movie.  Which I consider a plus.

Red also continues to be a plus, with his wisecracking that he likes to play by himself, "in private," and his calm and powerful insouciance to all around him, as his strategies mostly bear fruition.   Liz continues to be appealing, even if she's too willing to accept Red's sliver of answer when she finally gets a response to her question of why she means so much to him.   What's both maddening and intriguing about this is that the obvious answer that Red is really her father is becoming not so obvious, or else why is The Blacklist taking so long to reveal this?

Liz's husband, however, now out of the hospital and home, continues to be just annoying.  We're treated to his bestowing every token of kindness and affection he can on Liz, while she muses about the passports that she has not yet asked him about, and he - maybe - is looking at her with some kind of less than kind eye out of the window.  In other words, let's find out more about this guy already.

My guess is he'll end up on Red's blacklist - meaning, he was there already - but if that's the case, why is Red allowing this woman he cares so much about - as a surrogate daughter, at very least - to keep coming home to this recondite guy?

One clear beacon on The Blacklist, though, is the FBI - especially Agent Ressler's performance in the construction site fight, as indicated above.  The FBI, in general, is portrayed in a more interesting way - with a better bench of supporting players - than in other shows about the FBI, including Bones.

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