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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bones 9.6: The Wedding

Well, the producers pulled out all the stops for Bones and Booth's wedding in episode 9.6 tonight - the whole family (except Booth's brother Jared and Bones' brother Russ), all the interns (except, of course, Zack Addy), and all the great musical talent (except Angela's father Billy Gibbons of  ZZ Top).

Ok - I guess there was no reason that Gibbons would have been at the wedding, and Zack Addy's in some psych ward in a prison - but they could have had a hologram or something of him.   My point is why come close to completeness and leave it just a few people short?  Jared and Russ definitely should have been in the final, beautiful scene (maybe they were, and I missed them) (but assuming they weren't - Fox or producers or whoever should have come up with a little more money to pay these actors) (Christine wasn't there, either, but I read somewhere that the little twin actresses were having a bad day, so the producers get a pass on that).

And the scene was beautiful, from the interns' dress-up to Cyndi Lauper's great singing to the exchange of vows between Booth and Brennan.  The wedding was so satisfying that it could have been the final scene of the series, and the producers deserve a lot of credit not only for bringing us this scene, but making it a foundation for exciting adventures to come.

And indeed, there might have been a hint of what Bones and Booth and the team will face, now that Pelant is presumably gone.  Who burned down the church that Bones and Booth were to be married in?Was it just an accident, possibly the result of the lit candles that we saw so prominently?   Or was it the work of someone who hates Bones and Booth, and was quietly showing this hatred tonight?

Well, that's a story - if it is a story - for another time.   Tonight, it was great to see Parker and how he's beginning to grow up, and Daisy sitting near Sweets (I still think they were good together), and most of all Bones and Booth together at long last as they were meant to be.  Here's a toast to their marriage and great series!

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