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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bones 9.5: V.A.L. and Deep Blue

As we get just a week away from the wedding of Bones and Booth that millions  have been waiting for, we get a good solid episode of Bones - 9.5 - which features, among other things, a crime-solving computer program.

V.A.L. is the latest incarnation of a thought we've had in popular culture for quite some time now: can a computer program replace a human, as a chess-player, medical doctor, and now a medical-crime detective.

The character most put off by V.A.L.'s insertion in our team is Sweets, who sees the threat to his role as the profiler on the show.  Speaking of Sweets, though, what happened to his leaving the show?  As I mentioned last week, I'm delighted that he apparently isn't.  But that makes his high-profile departure several weeks ago - trumpeted even in ads for the show - one of the sweetest, strangest pieces of misdirection I ever remember seeing on television.

But back to tonight's story, Booth tries to reassure Sweets by mentioning that the computer chess player - Big Blue was its name - fell to its human opponent in the world-championship chess match.  Alas, Booth correctly recalled only first match between Big Blue and Kasparov, which Kasparov indeed won.   But Big Blue, steeply reprogrammed for the return match, and nicknamed Deeper Blue, went on to take that from Kasparov, as Sweets correctly recalled.

In crime solving on Bones tonight, however, V.A.L.'s choice for killer turned out to be wrong, as "she" would have known if she'd been programmed with any history of watching Bones, where the suspects who seem to be the killer in the middle to end of the show are usually not guilty.  Instead, it's the seemingly innocent character at the beginning of the show - the apparently well-meaning friend or family member - who usually turns out to be the killer, as was the case tonight.   Maybe V. A. L. can be reprogrammed with this information - call her V.A.L.U.E - and do better next time.

But enough about computers.  I'm looking forward to the wedding of the two humans we've followed and admired and appreciated these nine seasons - next week!   From Deep Blue to something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

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