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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Frequency 1.11: The Unkilling

Frequency is winding down to what are likely its three final episodes, and tonight's episode 1.11 kept up the pattern of the series getting better and better.

We left Raimy last week having just killed the Nightingale serial killer - something she could afford to do, in front of everyone, just for the understandable satisfaction she was giving into, because she believed her father Frank was going to kill, or was in the process of killing, the Nightingale 20 years earlier, before the Nightingale had a chance to kill Julie, Raimy's mother.

But fate intervened in the form of a drunk diver, who t-boned Frank's car, which allowed the Nightgale to escape.

The aftermath and its resolution - temporary resolution, of course, since there are still two remaining episodes - was handled very well tonight.  Raimy is on the verge of being charged with murder, until something changes - she didn't kill the Nightingale after all in 2016, because he wasn't where he was last week in 2016.  Frank did something in the past to change that.   The scene in which the new reality seeps in for Raimy had a fine mix of calm and shocking, all at once.

Unfortunately for Frank and Raimy - but fortunately for the continuing story - that didn't kill the Nightingale in 1996.   In another good scene, Julie pleads with Frank not kill the Nightingale - stressing what it would do to young Raimy, to see her father charged with murder, ironic indeed since Raimy in 2016 has been driving Frank in 1996 in this whole story to kill the Nightingale.  But Frank comes through, surprisingly well, and gets the Nightingale arrested.  Not as safe for Julie as the Nightingale dead, but it gets Frank back in the arms of Julie at home.

And there's also a satisfying rapprochement between Frank and Satch, making this episode one of the best for our people getting together.

Only two more episodes left - unless someone does something to our timeline which results in Frequency being picked up for a second season somewhere.  Hey, I love time travel, so can always hope.

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