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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Affair 3.8: The "Miserable Hero"

Well, Cole fans are gong to be happy - or mostly happy - about tonight's episode 3.8, because it was mostly about him and Alison.  Needles to say, big spoilers follow, but I'll say it anyway,

First, on the who stabbed Noah front: we can now take Cole off the list of suspects. In a nice touch, the police have him in the system going to New Jersey - but it turns out it was not to attack Noah.  It was to talk to Alison's doctor in New Jersey.

Now why would Cole keep that a secret, including from Luisa?  He could easily have said he wanted to check up on Alison's mental health, given her interest in getting some visiting rights with Joanie. But the real reason was much deeper and more disruptive - he still loves Alison, deeply.

That's a big reveal.  And just as big is that Alison feels the same way about Cole.   That explains why she's so ok with getting a divorce from Noah - it was more than just her needing that for Joanie.  The scene near the end where they both tell each other that they still love each other - and not in just a nostalgic way - was real Affair magic.

Not so magical, though, was the very ending, with Cole pulling back, and back to Luisa.   In the best line of the night, Alison tells Cole he has to decide between being a "happy asshole" or a "miserable hero".   Cole goes with the miserable hero - but I don't think this is the end of Cole and Alison, by any means.

And we're back, with just two episodes left, to the question of who stabbed poor Noah in the neck? The choices now are (a) Noah stabbed himself, (b) it is Gunther after all, (c) the French teacher, who's a psycho, or (d) one of the students at the dinner, also a psycho.

I'm now going with (d).   See you next week.

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