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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vikings 4.17: Ivar's Wheels

A superb Vikings 4.17 last night, on more than one level.

The best scene was Ivar riding the one-horse chariot Floki made for him, at Ivar's request.  He didn't quite get the chance to dispatch Lagertha - thanks to another great scene, with Bjorn arriving just in the nick of time.  But Ivar gets to have wheels - and wings, as Floki says - after Ivar comes to Floki with his request.  It was a very satisfying, high-point conversation, not just for Ivar but Floki, who has been yearning to do something really useful, if for not Ragnar, than for the most extraordinary of his sons.

Ivar and Floki have a lot in common.  They're both outsiders, Ivar for physical reasons, Floki for well, mental reasons, and this makes the alliance between them very appropriate.   I hope it's not the last we see of Floki.

But speaking of lasts, what a wonderful farewell scene between Bjorn and Rollo, followed with Rollo back with his royal family in Paris.  The Vikings so far have not taken Paris - except, in a sense, via Rollo by marriage.  But the French beat all of the Vikings the first time, and they did the same second time, when the French had the benefit of Rollo's guidance and valor.   But the Vikings did come razor close - and we can understand fully Bjorn's statement to Rollo that Bjorn would have to kill Rollo if he stayed with his Viking people.  Or, at least, try to kill Rollo, because I'm not convinced who would win such a one-on-one battle.

I am convinced that the Vikings are set to do real damage to at least some of England's royalty.  But that's a story for next week, when I'll be back with another review.

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