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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Affair 3.6: The Wound

Well, we finally got confirmation in The Affair 3.6 tonight that Noah is hallucinating - he certainly wasn't rescuing his younger self in that lake by the house his father left for him in Pennsylvania.

The question is: how much else of what we've seen happening to Noah regarding his stalking by the person we assume to be Gunther, the prison guard, really happened, or was a product of Noah's drug-bathed brain?

Applying Occam's Razor, one thing we know isn't an hallucination is the wound on Noah's neck.   But ... could it have been self-inflicted?  Presumably the docs in the hospital and therefore the police would know that, so I guess we're safe in assuming that Noah didn't do that to himself.

Which brings us back to who did?  His French friend discovered him, so unless she's a complete psycho, it's not her.   No one else that we know has a motive, other than Cole, but even that seems a stretch at the point in time in which Noah was stabbed.

So, back to Gunther.  What happened?  He stabbed Noah, and has been laying low since then, not following Noah around as Noah is likely hallucinating?  In an interesting twist or connection, we also learn tonight that Gunther comes from right near Noah's father's house - so Gunther's story about growing up where Noah did is true, which made him for a moment the likely culprit tonight (Helen was watching Noah hold Gunther under the water), until we discovered at the end of Noah's segment that what was in the lake was all in Noah's mind.

An interesting whodunnit.   As I said in my review of first episode this season, we have a good successor to who killed Cole's brother.   Meanwhile, the scene of Noah and Martin getting close was a rare heartwarming moment in this story, and Helen's half hour was emotionally taut and jagged as it always is, too.

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