Friday, January 20, 2017

Frequency 1.12: Good Inter-temporal Police Work, But...

Good inter-temporal police work between Raimy and Frank in last night's Frequency 1.12, but ...

Somewhat predictably - because it's the next-to-last, not last, show of the season - Julie is still in mortal danger.  Because the Nightingale, having been eliminated as Julie's killer, thanks to being put behind bars in Frank's time, is replaced by his son as Julie's (likely) killer).,

This is a good touch - the stubbornness of the Julie-gets-killed timeline defeats, at least for now, Raimy and Frank's relentless efforts to change it.  Except - well, it's even more complicated than that, which is also more intriguing and different than just Julie still being killed.

This is an interesting decision on the part of the writers.  Why not have Julie still dead, even after the Nightingale can't kill her, and make that the mystery to be solved (or not) next week?  The answer, I'd say, is because giving Raimy - and we, the audience - a taste of what it's like if Julie had survived is even better.  It tells us, reminds in case we needed reminding, just how much Raimy now has to loose.

Also of interest is where Frank is in the 2016 in which Julie is alive?  And, come to think of it, when will the son of the Nightingale try to satisfy his inherited obsession and try to kill Julie?

These questions are moving Frequency into a first-rate time-travel story, which makes me hope more than ever that it lives beyond next week.

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