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Monday, January 23, 2017

Homeland 6.2: Parallel Program

Homeland 6.2 picked up some steam tonight, at least insofar as what Carrie really is doing with her life in New York City.

We already knew she was an attorney, but now we learn she's also been closely advising the President-elect on foreign policy.   Saul suspects and Carrie denies it to his face.  It's not clear whether he believes her or not.  I certainly would never. Dar has photographs which prove it, but he doesn't show them to Saul.  Homeland has always been about holding your cards close to your chest.

But Saul going to check out the Mossad story about Iran secretly building nuclear weapons in a "parallel program" - that is, a program running parallel and secret to the inspected facilities - is a nice touch.  (My wife aptly commented that she hoped Trump wasn't watching - he'd likely believe the parallel Iranian program was really happening.)   The President-elect in Homeland is sending Saul to the Middle East on Carrie's strong suggestion.  This means that Carrie is bound to follow - sooner or later - good news for this season.

Also good news is Quinn beginning to get back at least some of his mind. The scene at the end of episode, between Carrie and Quinn, was strong and very much needed.  It's unclear whether Quinn can completely recover. But I don't recall anyone saying that he couldn't, so I'm hoping for the best.

Given Trump's problems with the CIA, and his speech there on Saturday, in which he lashed out at the media, this season of Homeland takes on a new significance - enhanced by the President-elect on the show being a woman.  I'm looking forward to more of this season and its parallel presidency.

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