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Monday, January 30, 2017

Homeland 6.3: Potentials

An ok Homeland 6.3 last night, with Quinn resurgent and Saul in Israel.

The Israeli part reminded me what a superb job Fauda does of showing the simmering tensions in that country.  Saul's conversation with his sister was interesting enough, but didn't really further our knowledge of Saul very much, and not much at all for the plot at hand.

Quinn in Brooklyn was better - better to see, and better that Quinn is coming back into action.  What he did to the guy who took advantage of his weakened condition was just and satisfying.  I hope it's just the beginning of Quinn in fuller service - to the cause and to Carrie.  Both certainly need it.

And Homeland needs it too.  So far, this season is almost nothing like the first season, which was such a powerhouse.  And even last season, with no Brody, managed to grab us by the collar.   This season has some potential, but so far it's yet to be realized.

The most significant potential is in the President-elect, who is different from our current President in just about every way.  Obviously, the script was written and put to screen long before we knew the results of our election.   So here, too, we can only hope that the President-elect, whenever she takes office in the story - assuming she does - will provide a bracing counterpoint to our own real political situation.

Potentials are very valuable - as long as they are, at least to some extent, fulfilled.

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