Thursday, January 26, 2017

Frequency 1.13: Almost Happy and Sad Endings

Well, Frequency 1.13 saved the best for last, and I hope that's the last of season 1, with a season 2 to follow, and not the end of the series.

The episode opens with as happy an ending as you could hope for in this situation. Raimy's mother Julie is alive and a doctor.  Raimy's engaged to be married.  Even Gordo's a mentch - actually, a lawyer, in a suit.

The only thing missing is Frank, who was saved at the start of the season, in 1996, but died in a car accident five years ago.   In a nice touch, Raimy's fiance wants to know whom she is talking to on the ham radio, and Frank, apprised of this, says maybe it's time to retire their intertemporal chats.  But Raimy wants her father at her marriage, and wants to change time at least one more time, and Frank agrees...

This could make a good story in itself, but just in case, the Nightingale killer is still at large,  That's because, not only was the son looking like he was going to follow in his father's footsteps (as I thought last week), but it turns out the son actually was the the Nightingale killer all along.  He's been controlling himself for 20 years, to take advantage of his father going to prison for him, but he's reached the end of his self-control.

So we've got a really good set-up for a new season.  Frank stops the Nightingale - the son - from killing Julie in 1996, but the Nightingale is getting ready to strike again in 2016.  And the time-tranversing radio is broken.

But, hey, I just used my own time-leaping cable connection and I think I saw a little bit of the first episode of Season 2, later this year or early next, I'm not sure.  If I did, I'll see you then with some more reviews.

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