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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hope for Humanity: Doug Jones Wins in Alabama!

CNN and The New York Times just called the Alabama Senate election for Doug Jones!

Hope for humanity!

One of the most conservative states in America, which voted overwhelmingly for Trump, decided not to follow his endorsement and voted instead for the Democrat.

Alabama said no to a child molester.  No to someone who thinks America was better before the Civil War.  No to the worst instincts of the human species.

The U. S Senate will now be 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats, making it much harder for the Republicans to destroy Obamacare, "reform" the tax system to give millionaires more money, and all kinds of retrograde things.

Most important, this is the beginning of the end of Trump and his regime.  By 2018, the Democrats will take back the Senate and maybe even the House.  Congratulations Doug Jones - and Joe Trippi, who was an adviser to the Jones campaign (and managed Howard Dean's run for the President in 2004 - the first "Internet candidate," a little head of his time, before the advent of social media in 2006, as I detail in New New Media).

I have a few friends in Alabama.  They all voted for Jones.  Here's a toast to all of you.  The American people, and the good people of this world, thank you.

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