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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Knightfall 1.4: Parentage

Well, I was very glad to see Queen Joan take my suggestion from last week - see my review of Knightfall 1.3 - and sleep with the King to disguise the father of her baby, rather than end her pregnancy.  Joan did get a little help from her maid, we discover at the end of tonight's episode 1.4, but the result is the same:  Joan and Landry's baby will be born, King Philip will think it's his - at least, at first - and that will make for a good continuing source of roiling drama in the years ahead.

Meanwhile, the search for the grail continues to take its intense but meandering course.  As I've said before, I'm much more interested in the people than the grail, and I find it to be at best an ok motivation for everything that's going on.  Far more appealing is in the intrigue at court, and now the imminent war with the English.

Back to Joan and Landry's baby.  If it's a boy, he of course could grow up to be a Templar, and that opens up all kinds of possibilities.  As the Pope told Landry in a previous episode, many a Templar has given into to the temptations of the flesh, which means there already should be some Templar offspring afoot and about.

I can't recall what, if anything, we and Parsifal know about this parentage.   Well, no matter, he's clearly on his way to becoming a Templar in any case.  But the Templars love women almost as much as their stated calling, and it will be interesting to see how that lust and love of various kinds plays out in the episodes ahead.

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