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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Vikings 5.4: Four or More Good Stories

As we know from history, the Vikings ventured almost all over the world - indeed, if you consider North America, further than even the Mongols - and therefore we shouldn't be surprised to find Vikings in its fifth season pursuing so many of those disparate good stories, likely (eventually) to weave together.  These tonight in episode 5.4 included -

  • Bjorn in Sicily, soon to Africa, with a Byzantine chieftain on the way to meet a powerful Arabic leader.  This part of the world is now bursting with Islamic conquest, but Byzantium aka the Eastern Roman Empire is at its zenith, too, so there's fertile ground here for intrigue and Bjorn to get some kind of foothold.  Not to mention a beautiful Greek priestess who holds some strong cards.
  • Ivar manages to outsmart Heahmund at least one more time, leaving him rats rather than Norse corpses when the English retake York.  Where have the Vikings gone?  Likely through some Roman tunnels that Ivar hints he discovered. But to where?
  • Floki makes the right decision for history - he's not going to die on Iceland, but will go back back to the world of men, and bring some of his brothers to this land of the gods he's found.  From our vantage point, this is the beginning of the Norse reach to North America.
  • Back in Scandinavia, we have all kinds of stories brewing.  What are those terrible circumstances in which it is foretold that Lagertha will see her son Bjorn again?  Who will remain loyal to her?  When will the King of Norway openly confront her in battle, now that he's cemented his reign with a Queen?
I'm enjoying this season of Vikings more than last year's, and we have yet seen anything of Paris.  Maybe that's because Paris is the center of Knightfall, which I'll be reviewing the next episode of soon.

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