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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Curb Your Enthusiasm 9.10: Outfit Tracker

Well, it was a toss-up between "Outfit Tracker" and "No Apologies" as the title of my review of the Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 finale tonight, and I went with "Outfit" because ...

Well, both motivated the standout Hamilton-like scene with Larry and Lin-Manuel dueling that set up most of the ending, but "outfit" also rhymes with one of the shtick that also showed up at the wedding, and also has to do with a kind of outfit, literally, so I went with that.

Larry and Curb haven't lost a thing in this long-awaited return season, and in some ways have gotten better with age.  That's because the essence of the show - Larry's insistence on what he sees as proper conduct - as in commensurate apologies in tonight's show - are a fundamental part of life that no one else, certainly no other comedians, ply and develop as well as Larry.  And we need those eternal verities of just behavior and calling parties out when it's not forthcoming and making a big, often hilarious joke out of it, more than ever in these our troubled times.

Speaking of which, was there any mention of Trump in season 9?  I can't recall - and I'm too lazy to read my earlier reviews.  But the fact that I can't recall shows that Trump played a negligible if any role in this season, and that's disappointing.

I mean, aren't we as consumers of comedy by someone as enlightened as Larry David entitled to see Trump skewered in some way?

Only kidding - I was just playing Larry in that disappointment.  Frankly, I'm glad there was no memorable mention of Trump in this come-back season of Curb, because we get so much of him everyplace else.

Anyway, I hope there is another season, somewhere down the line, but in a way I'm glad this one's over, because as I said in my first review, I think there's something about reviewing comedies that's anti-comedic (which is why I don't usually if ever review comedies), and I'm pretty sure this very review proves it.

But see you back here with a review of another Curb, whenever that may be.

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