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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Outlander 3.12: Geillis and Benjamin Button

A superb Outlander 3.11 tonight, which features the return of time traveler Geillis, on that magical island of Jamaica, magical because, as Jamie notes, so many people from the Outlander story have congregated there - perhaps, as Jamie also muses, because Claire is there and she had come through the stones.

But not only Claire but Geillis.  And in one of the great little slip-ups which give glimpses of the future, Geillis tries to make sense of the 200-year old baby fortune, and brings up Benjamin Button.  Of course, F. Scott Fitzgerald's story wasn't published until 1922, or well after slavery had ended in both the British Empire and America, as Claire earlier comments.

Not that Claire was present for Geillis's Button utterance, but it's fun and instructive to see how each woman from the future uses that knowledge to succeed in the past.  Claire has a high moral code, unlike Geillis, who is just the opposite.  Claire frees the slave she saved at the auction, in contrast to Geillis, who beds and then kills them.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing the freed slave again, if not this season then in some season subsequent, because he's too good a character to let walk off into the tropical forest, never to be in the action again.  We'll see Jamie's nephew Ian, for sure, since Jamie and Claire are determined to save him.

Jamie, though, will first have to break lose from the red coats, and, I've got to say, I share Claire's fury at that young captain and his misplaced sense of duty.  I'd be more than happy to see Geillis bed and then kill him.

Well, next week's the season finale, and this second half of the season, since Claire returned to Jaime, has been just outstanding.

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