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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Outlander 3.13: Triple Ending

A superb season 3 finale of Outlander tonight, with an ending in three acts:

1. Claire kills Geilles - though it's not clear if she means to.  She wants to stop her from jumping into the time portal in a pool in the woods of Jamaica.   (I'll let slide the convenience that there just happens to be a time portal there, this episode was so good.)  Geillis wants to kill Brianna.  Claire not only wants to stop that - of course - but has a powerful yearning (also of course) to see her daughter again.  It was a prime moment when she looked into the pool, drawn to it, drawn to her daughter, Jamie's daughter, but let Jamie pull her away.  (Again, what would have happened had she and Jaime both jumped into the pool?  Could Geilles' blood have prepared it for not one but two time travelers?)

2. Claire and Jamie making love in the boat was a nice season ending, too.  They've been much better together this season than in any prior time together.  Absence made their hearts grow fonder.

3, But in some ways the best was the ship overturning in the storm, and Jamie nearly losing Claire.  We knew that couldn't happen, but it was powerful to see the way it played out.  And the ending up in colonial Georgia was a nice icing on this cake.  It certainly puts Jamie and Claire a lot closer to Brianna, at least geographically.

As for time - well, there could well be another portal somewhere on the way from Georgia to Boston, which existed back then, too (hey, even Harvard did).  Now, I don't mind this proliferation of time portals - they open up a lot more possibilities - but I'd like to see some explanation or logic behind where they are.

And I'm going through a portal right now.  It will seem just like a split second before I'm back with my next review of Outlander - the debut of season 4, whenever it's back on in 2018.

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