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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Knightfall 1.3: Baby

A fine Knightfall 1.3 last night, which revolves around Queen Joan finding out she's pregnant - with Landry's baby.  Since she hasn't slept with her husband King Philip in two years (!), this poses something of a problem.

Her first plan/hope is maybe she and Landry can run away together someplace safe and far from the King.  But she never even gets the chance to tell Landry about their baby, after he, counseled by the Pope, tells her he can't continue their relationship.

The episode ends with Joan putting a small bottle of a powerful and dangerous abortion-inducing potion to her lips.  No one asked me, but I have a better idea:

Why doesn't Joan put aside the potion and sleep with the King? She's not that far along with her pregnancy, so couldn't she plausibly say the baby was the King's? This would also have the big narrative benefit of Landry at some point learning that Philip and Joan's baby (or child, if later) was his.

Meanwhile, he'll have enough to keep him occupied in the tug of war between England and Catalonia over Isabella, and making sure it doesn't turn into a real war. Not to mention the dire words of his Arabic captive.

The essence of the Templars is fighting against  overwhelming odds, and Knightfall has put plenty of that on table.  Which makes for good viewing ahead.

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