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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Star Trek 3.3: Brass Tacks

Well, Star Trek: Picard 3.3 finally got down to brass tacks -- maybe "finally" is not warranted, since this is only the third episode of this new and final season -- but ...

[Spoilers follow]

The confrontation between Picard and Riker, culminating in Riker's dismissing Picard from the bridge, owing to the apparently bad advice and pressure Picard had given Riker, resulting in what Riker characterized as sending everyone on this Starfleet ship to their deaths, well ... that was something to hear and see.

I do think Riker was being a little tough on Picard, though.  First of all, no one forced Riker to follow Picard's strong and repeated advice.   Second, and maybe this is first, things didn't look too good for this starship whatever course of action Riker took.  Third, from this side of the screen as a television viewer, there's no way that everyone on this ship will die.  It's way too early in this final season to do that, and I really doubt anything like that will happen even in later episodes.

Meanwhile, it was great to see Picard and Beverly talking.  Picard has a right to be angry that Beverly took so long to let him know about their son.   I of course was very glad to see that Jack survived.  He's far too pivotal a character to go this early or indeed any time in this story, either.

And it also great to see Worf and Raffi.  Worf is in great shape, and Michael Dorn is doing a fine job recreating that role.  Worf and Dorn have aged well.  I like the wisdom Worf has attained over the years.  All that's left now is to see Worf and Raffi reunited with the rest of our heros on the massively endangered Titan.

That will take some enjoyable-to-see doing.  These Changelings are a dangerous species.

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