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Friday, September 8, 2023

Invasion 2.3: Casper and Luke

[Spoilers ahead ....] 

The high profile thread in Invasion 2.3 is Mitsuki hacking the invaders' code, with the result that a whole bunch of their ships (seven -- of course not all) fall mostly into the sea.  A very important development, to be sure, but that wasn't the most interesting part of episode 2.3 for me.

And that would be the special connection that Casper and Luke, on two different continents, have to the invaders.  We don't see Casper in 2.3, but Trevante -- now in the same American small town as Sheriff Tyson in Season 1 -- has one of Casper's drawings, and Trevante is beginning to put two and two together, though the math and the situation is much more complex than that.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, Luke has quite a night, sensing that the invaders are increasing their attack, going out to fight them, and making what could be a romantic connection with one of the young women in the group.  Unfortunately, though, this part of the story has no happy ending, as Luke's mother finds his sister missing at the end of the episode.

The connection that Casper and Luke have to the invaders raises all kinds of questions.  First and foremost would be: why do they have those connections?  Were the invaders here on Earth prior to the invasion featured in the TV series?  Are Casper and Luke in some biological sense related to the invaders?  Can they telepathically connect to each other?  Are they unique, or are there other people like them?  (In a way, Mitsuki has that connection.)  Or, is it possible that all humans have that kind of brain, but the connection has to be triggered to be realized?

I like those kinds of questions, and that's just one of the reasons that I continue to like this unusual series.

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