Thursday, October 11, 2007

CNN's Jack Cafferty on Ron Paul: Excellent Piece

My friend Matt Caverhill brought this to my attention ...

I've been watching Jack Cafferty since he shared the WNBC-TV nightly news spot with Chuck Scarborough here in New York City - decades ago. Chuck continues to hold down the fort in New York. Jack has gone on to become a trenchant, curmudgeonly, valuable national commentator.

He's at his incisive best in this piece. Asking plain but profound questions. What if we brought the troops home from Korea? They've been there 50 years ... The questions that Ron Paul is asking.

As I indicated in my assessment of the five mainstream television networks a few weeks ago, MSNBC and CNN have by and large done the least wrong to Ron Paul and the democratic process, and have been the most reasoned in their coverage. Indeed, Chris Matthews, Tucker Carlson, and Pat Buchanan have each indicated some kind of support for Ron Paul and his positions.

It's heartening to see Jack Cafferty doing the same, in his inimitable way, on CNN.

Maybe the mainstream media are beginning to come around. Maybe it's not just the Internet any more...
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