Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Californication Comes ... To a Season's End

CalifornicationCalifornication concluded its delightful first season on Showtime last night with an hilarious, savvy, altogether satisfying 12th episode.

I won't tell you the very ending, in case you haven't seen it. But I will say it was 100% motivated.

What I will tell you is that David Duchovny was spectacular, as he was throughout the entire season. And Tom Kapinos' writing was brilliant as it's been throughout the entire series, too.

My favorite line last night was "the ass is always greener" ... this said by Marci - who has had many of the best lines on the show - in some advice she is giving to Karen. This seems only apropos, since I said in my review of the first episode that it had me laughing my ass off.

Mia's character was also written beautifully - her public statement that she and Hank actually didn't have sex helps Hanks, of course, but it also helps her - because her father otherwise would never let her go ahead with her publishing. Fiction about an afternoon with an older man he might tolerate, not autobiography... Madeline Zima did a standout job in playing this super-precocious 16-year old.

In the end, Californication was really not about sex or nudity. It was about attitude. About not always ideal but more or less healthy attitude. About hard luck and good luck and failure in the face of success ... and vice versa, in professional as well as personal life.

There's a lot more of Hank Moody's story to be told - professionally and personally - and I'm very looking forward to seeing him and the sparkling cast back in action next year.

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