Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Californication Continues: 9: The Manuscript

CalifornicationI gave this review of Californication, Episode 9, a title, because that was its central theme: the manuscript. Or, more precisely, the manuscript for a new short novel - or, as Hank called it, a "novella" (I love that term - and that length manuscript - one of my most successful publications was a novella - "Loose Ends," a time travel story, that was published in Analog Magazine in the late 1990s.)*

But back to Hank: he's written a novella while in New York. He had gone there for his father's funeral, after a great night of intimacy in all ways with Karen, and stayed on in New York to do some writing. Karen had inspired him.

Back in L.A., Hank wants Karen to read it. He's always counted on her reading of his work. He also wants her to marry him.

Charlie's thrilled about the new manuscript - money, money, money. Speaking of which, Hank gets a big unexpected royalty check for the movie made from his novel....

Mia's thrilled about the manuscript, too, and wants to read it. (Hank lets us know at some point that it's about a guy who sleeps with an under-age woman, but doesn't know about that at time ... hmmm ... Hank writes from what he knows.)

So everyone's pretty happy at this point - a rarity in Californication.

But not Karen, who, it seems, wants to stay with that stiff of a fiance, after all (I don't really believe her).

Things even turn worse, suddenly, for Hank .... but there's a great surprise ending, and, I won't give it away, except to say, it's all about that manuscript....

Great show tonight.

*More about Loose Ends

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