Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Californication Continues: 10

CalifornicationA soft episode of Californication last night, in which little progress was made in any of the main relationships, but some possibilities are emerging.

The most interesting thread was Mia taking the only copy of Hank's new manuscript (he thinks his only copy was stolen when his car was jacked) to Charlie's office ... where it falls into Dani's hands. She loves it, and being that she wants to be an agent, talks Mia into letting her represent it. Intriguing possibilities here: both the author (Mia) and the agent (Dani) are pretending to their parts. The only thing real about this is the excellence of Hank's manuscript - taken, of course, from really happened between Hank and Mia.

Otherwise, we were treated to a threesome of Hank, Charlie, and a woman Charlie wants to ravage. She's only willing to let Charlie do that if Hank is part of the act...

Charlie's wife is coming around to realizing she's happiest with Charlie, and Karen moved a little closer - once again - to realizing that she and Hank are really soul mates who should be together, but ...

I'm looking forward to some really decisive episodes, such as the two previous pieces on Californication.

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