Thursday, October 18, 2007

Heroes 2: 4: Watching TV is Good for You!

Here's where we are with Heroes, Season 2 - as off Episode 4:

I'm happy for Claire that she has a boyfriend who takes her flying - really, she seems a lot happier with him than in any situation she was in last year. But Mr. Bennet being opposed to the boyfriend seems forced, whatever he saw in the sketch...

Also - here's an idea - why doesn't he just go for contact lenses or some other kind of other glasses ... then it couldn't be him in the sketch...

It's good to see Nathan back in action - but I'd still like to know how he and Peter survived the fireworks in the sky.

Sylar making his way north with the illness-antidote twins is working well. But it seems to me he might have healed a little quickly - does that mean he's getting his powers back? And, for that matter, how, again, did he survive what happened to him in New York City?

Monica (very well played by Dana Davis) in New Orleans learning huge skills instantly from television is excellent - hey, I've been saying for years that watching television is good for you (see, for example, my 1998 book, The Soft Edge).

The Matt-Molly-Suresh thread is the most interesting at this point. Matt's father being Molly's bogeyman is a good touch.

So, as with Episode 3, lots of good threads and possibilities. But still too many unanswered questions from last year...

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