Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Californication Continues: 11: Pivotal Mia

CalifornicationMia (fetchingly played by Madeline Zima) was directly or indirectly the stimulus for all the crucially important developments in Episode 11 of Californication on Showtime.

As we saw last week, she's pretending to be the author of Hank's comeback manuscript. Since her sleeping with and slapping Hank is the core of the story in the manuscript - not to mention, in a sense, the story of Californication - she has an understandable sense of proprietorship in the novel...

Her bringing it to Dani, which inevitably means Charlie, brings Charlie and Hank closer than they've been through the series. Charlie, never better, recognizes that the manuscript is Hank's, and will stand by him whatever Hank chooses to do about Mia's masquerade. (He can't do much, if Mia keeps to this course, because he doesn't want to be exposed for sleeping with someone underage - even if Hank didn't know it at the time and Mia looks much older than sixteen.)

Meanwhile, Mia's theft of Hank's manuscript also has an indirect, but even more powerful, impact on Hank's life. His daughter Becca (well played Madeleine Martin) decides to move in with Hank, in part because the great novel he was writing in New York didn't pan out (of course not, because Hank thought he'd lost it), and Becca is worried that with Karen marrying the bore Bill, Hank will be left with no support...

Which has the surprising effect - since Karen can't bear to be without Becca - of bring Karen to Hank and Becca's place, late at night, when they're both asleep....

We'll she stay?

I'm betting yes ...

But it just goes to show that, although I would never want it happening to me, losing your novel and then having someone sell it as theirs can have unintended beneficial results...

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