Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Californication Continues: 8

CalifornicationA psychologically rich and very satisfying Episode 8 of Californication on Showtime last night, occasioned by the death of Hank's father Al (well played by vet actor Mark Margolis).

We get an excellent back story, in which we see not only Hank's relationship with his father, but the crumbling of his relationship with Karen (when they were still together), all occurring as the accursed "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is being filmed. (Again, I gotta say that, as a science fiction author, I wish I had such aggravations.)

The explanatory power of this back story - shot in a slightly different lighting - reminded me, of all things, of Lost, and its back stories. As in Lost, the back story in Californication last night moved the story forward in a critically important way. Hank and Karen are falling apart in the back story, and pulling closer together in the present.

The last five minutes were especially satisfying. Karen finally sleeps with Hank. Perhaps it's partly a mercy act, but Karen clearly enjoys it, and, as we already knew, she has feelings for Hank.

They're flying off to New York for Al's funeral in two planes, but I'm looking to seeing if and how they draw closer together in the next episodes.

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