Monday, October 22, 2007

Tell Me You Love Me on Tell Me You Love Me (Episode 8)

There is a moment in some movies - maybe some novels, too, I'm not sure - which can either be tacky and obvious or good and locking-it-in. I don't think I've ever seen in a television series. It happens when a character in the movie says the name of the movie. I know I've seen this a bunch of times - readers, let me know if you have any examples...

Anyway, I'm sure I've never seen it in a television series - until last night, on Episode 8 of Tell Me You Love Me on HB0. In the very last scene, Nick (Ian Somerhalder) and Jamie (Michelle Borth) are evaluating their fledging relationship, Ian correctly feeling that he may want Jamie more than she wants him - which she of course denies - and Nick utters the magic words: "Tell me you love me."

I think it served last night to ratify the series, in some way - by finally making it crystal clear to everyone that that's each partner of each couple really most wants, whether by words or deeds. This is what the series is really most about, regardless of the specific stories.

And we learned other interesting things last night. Dr. Foster and husband didn't have kids because Dr. Foster didn't want to share her husband. Palek may have some of the stuff of good fatherhood in him, after all. And in a very tender scene with Katie and her daughter, becoming a woman, we learn that, whatever Katie's problems with her own sexuality, she's a good, loving mother in explaining some of solitary facts of life to her daughter.

Only two more episodes left. Tell Me You Love Me is doing very well for itself.

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