Sunday, April 6, 2008

Barack Obama and the Cell Phone Revolution

Well, Canadians get it ... the above is a clip from CBC-TV's Cell Phone: The Ring Heard Around the World, aired in Canada on April 3, in which I talk about the intersection of the Obama and cell phone revolutions.... Nice to hear the Canadians say Obama may be our next President. Significantly, he is the only Presidential candidate featured in this show.

You can see the complete 40+ minute program - with me talking my head off about the history of the cell phone and its growing importance in our lives - on the CBC's website. Some other fine guests on the show, too - including inventor of the camera-phone Philippe Kahn and the space-faring Richard Branson.

Featured on the show....


"A superb and often amusing account of one of the greatest revolutions in human history" --Arthur C. Clarke
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