Friday, April 4, 2008

Battlestar Galactica is Back and Bristling!

Battlestar Galactica is back for its final season, and glistening, bristling with action, puzzles, and intrigue of the highest, deepest order.

The puzzle is set out to us in the first lean, mean razor of a new opener: 12 Cylons, we know 7, 4 live in secret on the ship, so who is the 5th/12th?

Caprica Six gives us a hint, when she says all five feel near to her.

And that's not the only puzzle.

Starbuck is back - after six hours on the clock for her, more than two months for everyone back on the ship (time dilation seems to be in the air this season - see also Faraday on Lost). She's sure she's been to Earth. But Adama and Roslin are determined to keep the ship on its predetermined course, based on last year's clues - or, at least, Roslin is. As for Admiral Adama, his heart tells him Starbuck may be right...

Other puzzles ... why did the Cylons pull back their apparently victorious attack? To give Anders some secret order, that even he is not aware of? Or, simply because they saw and realized that the secret Cylons had been activated? (Just four, or all five?)

One thing, at least, seems clear: the four revealed Cylons on the ship are determined to keep living their lives and their human loyalties just as they did before their revelation. This may offer a clue as to the ultimate resolution of this superb series.

(But a question about Tigh - Haven't he and Bill been friends since they were much younger men? If so, how can Tigh be a Cylon - or, is he yet a newer kind of model, which ages?) (It dawns on me that the Cylons that do not age are templates for John Amsterdam in New Amsterdam.)

About as fine a beginning as I can recall. My only regret is that I can't sit down and watch the whole rest of the final season right now.

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