Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Obama's Best Moment on Chris Matthews' College Tour: Obama Finds Humor in Cable News

Obama did fine on Chris Matthews' Hardball "College Tour" interview from West Chester University in Pennsylvania on MSNBC tonight, answering well on all the major issues. But sometimes it's the little exchanges that show the most about a candidate and make the most lasting impression.

My favorite tonight was Obama's answer to Chris Matthews' light-hearted question about whether Obama ever has any moments in the campaign over which he laughs his head off later that night. That happens every day, Obama came back, then added, "but then I stopped watching cable news."

That's what I like to see in a candidate. Not hostile to media, but putting the press in its place. You ask me a question about what I find funny, well, I find a lot of what you put on air about this campaign pretty funny, Obama says.

This is part of what people mean when they say they see a lot of JFK in Barack Obama. Kennedy, a rarity in politics and the Presidency, understood the value of joking with the media, putting reporters back in their place when need be, but always with a smile.

This kind of humor, this kind of comfort with laughter, bespeaks a comfort and confidence to lead.
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