Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Final Pennsylvania Results: Clinton Wins the Vote, But Obama Still on Track for Nomination

Well, there's now more than 90% of the voted counted in Pennsylvania, and too close to call changed to too early to call to Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama by 10%.

I stand corrected about the polls - they did get it pretty right, after all. Apparently the cell phone vote did not make that big a difference. And perhaps the debate last week did do Obama a little damage, even though I thought he did just fine.

But the numbers of the overall primary campaign - the "metric" as it is increasingly called - remain with Barack Obama. Ten percent is impressive, but it is far from a blow-out. The delegate split in Pennsylvania based on this vote will likely give Clinton 15 more elected delegates than Obama will get from Pennsylvania - a drop in the bucket, given his nearly 150 delegate lead. Nor are super delegates likely to bolt away from Obama based on Pennsylvania.

But Hillary Clinton will be able to take the fight, newly empowered, to Indiana and North Carolina. She was strong and clear in her victory speech tonight.

But, as always, I liked Obama's speech tonight a lot better. I like being inspired. I think it will move more people in the general election.

One thing is clear - democracy moves in unpredictable ways. Inspiration can take time.

I would still like to see an Obama for President, Clinton for VP ticket. I think the results tonight make that a little more likely than before.
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