Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grand Opening of my New Bookshop in Second Life!

That's right: I've moved my Second Life bookshop - The Soft Edge - to beautiful new quarters, in the Artists' Village in Second Life.

And to celebrate this new opening, I'll be reading from the beginnings of each of my five novels - The Silk Code, Borrowed Tides, The Consciousness Plague, The Pixel Eye, The Plot to Save Socrates - at 4pm Eastern (1pm Second Life time) this afternoon!

I'll also be giving away a copy of one of my novels in a contest, which will be open to only those who attend the Grand Opening today!

If you're already my friend in Second Life, look for an announcement from me, 30 minutes before the reading, with a landmark you can use to get to the reading.

If you're already on Second Life, but are not yet my Friend, I can be contacted at PaulLevinson Freenote - send me a note in Second Life, and I'll reply with a landmark to the reading.

If you're not on Second Life, you can join for free any time at - after you've joined send me a message here on Facebook, and I'll give you more details.

More details about all of my novels over here...

Time: 4pm Eastern (= 1pm Second Life Time)

Here's a snapshot of my bookshop - clicking on it will bring to a place where you can "teleport" to the bookshop... (my old friend Barry Cramer is even sitting permanently outside...)

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