Saturday, April 19, 2008

Battlestar Galactica 4.3: Deaths, Lessons, Questions

Battlestar Galactica isn't missing a beat in this riveting, powerful, adrenalin-coursing last season, and last night's show fit right in with the pounding pulse.

It started unsurprisingly enough, with life on the ship continuing to wear on Callie Tyrol. Things get worse when she sees her husband Galen and Tory (two of the four secret Cylons) talking, and Tory making a move on him. Galen rejects this, but Callie doesn't see that.

And then things get much much worse. Callie trails Galen to a meeting of the three Cylons (the fourth, Starbuck's husband, is on her ship, looking for Earth), and discovers to her horror that that's what they are. Back in her quarters, she beats Galen with a wrench, and takes their baby to a Viper launch tube. She's thinking of opening it, and killing her baby and herself.

But Tory comes by. She's compassionate, sensible, understanding, and eventually talks Callie out of suicide. She takes the baby from Callie - and knocks Callie across the tube with a powerful Cylon blow ... and ejects her from the tube into raw space and cold death.

We have learned something crucially important: this secret Cylon, at least, is capable of cold, calculated, vicious murder. She says - in her talk to Callie - that she is just like any other human. Ironically, this is true. Humans are of course capable of murdering people who are threats to their well being. But any illusions or hopes we may have had that these secret four might have somehow been different is shattered - at least, for this one. And is there any reason to think the other three might be different?

I did have one quibble with this superb scene - if Tory is able to hurl Callie across the tube, did she never notice she had this power before? Like the question I posed about Tigh in an earlier review, the lives of the secret four prior to their revelation as Cylons remains a puzzle that flirts with inconsistencies. But that's ok ... I have confidence that at least some of this will be resolved.

Meanwhile, speaking of deaths, the Cylons are in open civil war back in their part of space. Dean Stockwell's One has come back, offers some great analysis of democracy (he has the best lines on the show), and feigns a reconciliation with Six and the good Sharon - all to lure them to a place in space with no Resurrection ship in sight, where they can be killed forever...

Of course, it's just these versions of those models that are killed, and who knows what the other versions of those models will do once they learn what has happened...

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