Monday, April 14, 2008

New Amsterdam Bows: Lessons in Cons and Backsides

New Amsterdam gave its final bow tonight - of the season, maybe of all time - with a line that is destined to become classic, when John says to his annoying boss Callie (played by Susan Misner) "I won't kiss your ass - which isn't that great, by the way. The way you twitch it around, you'd think it was one of the seven wonders of the modern world."

Well, it's looked ok to me, and Callie also gets creds for asking John at the end of the episode if he really meant this line, part of the little act the detectives put on to nab the bad guy (actually, a bad woman).

We don't get to see John's answer, but we did get a fine final episode, in which the current police and the past part of John in historical New York are finally meshing pretty well. Con artists are the common thread, in the 1920s and the 2008 parts, and of course conning most of the people around him is just what John has been doing his whole 400-year life.

Not to stretch this metaphor too far, but tantalizing the television viewer with just a beginning view of a series like this, a fine derriere moving swiftly around the corner, is a con job, too. I know, we're not paying for any of this, so maybe we're getting exactly what we're paying for, but I think New Amsterdam has real potential, and I'd like to see more.

It needs more time to develop. Callie irritated me as a character when she first came into the series a few weeks ago, but now that irritation is perhaps starting to make a little sense. If John is commenting about her ass, that means he's paying at least a little attention to it, and could that mean that ... Callie's the one?

Well, I'm still betting on partner Eva, and looking at Callie as a candidate for John's true love may be a little ass-backwards ...

But we'll know never know unless there's another season in the unsetting sun of John Amsterdam...

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