Friday, April 17, 2009

In Treatment 2.3-5: A Senior, A First Love, A Boy and his Turtle

Catching up with the second week's second three episodes of In Treatment...

The Walter thread - #4 each week - continues to shine. Part of the reason is that Walter is the oldest patient we've seen in the first two years In Treatment, and this shows a slightly different side of Paul. Not quite as on top of his game as Paul is with kids, but Paul is less threatened by someone Walter's age. And, as I mentioned last week, John Mahoney is just perfect for the part.

I'm continuing to like Paul and Gina more this year than last. Paul still offers the same resistance to seeing Gina - starting off just about the every session with protestations that he doesn't really want to see her as a therapist. But this year the presence of Tammy - Paul's first love, and, dangerously, also Gina's patient - makes the scenario more intriguing. (There's no way the two won't wind up in bed together.) Gina is also less maudlin this year, and therefore more enjoyable.

The presentation of the Oliver story is problematic. Paul's at his weakest when he's treating couples - Amy and Jake were the least interesting thread last year. And the story of Oliver's parents, who take up a good part of the episode, is so far not much more compelling than Amy and Jake's. But Oliver - well played by Aaron Grady Shaw - more than holds his own, an articulate kid with a self-image problem, and I'm looking forward to seeing how his story plays. (I also loved the fact the Oliver unintentionally left his turtle in Paul's office - the patient literally helping shape Paul's environment).

And I'll see you here, maybe as soon as Sunday night, with my review of Week 3, episodes 1 and 2...

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