Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Finale

A fabulous Season 2 - I hope not series - finale of The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox just concluded, in which we learn -

1. Catherine is a good Terminator - unless what we saw is some kind of ruse. But Catherine saves John (and Sarah and Ellison) with her liquid polymer powers (in a great scene in which she becomes a shield), and tells them she's working against Skynet, and her John Henry is as important to this cause as Sarah's John Connor.

2. John Henry's circuitry is unique - if a relay is swapped out, it will change him, change a small part of his cyber soul. This makes Terminators even more unique than humans - if a small part of our brain is swapped out, would that change our soul, psyche, or whatever it is that makes us who we are? Well, that probably depends upon what part of our brain.


Cameron and John have a fine, intense scene, in which, well, John gets about as close as we've seen to sleeping with her...

But Cameron leaves to break Sarah out of prison, in one of the best scenes in the series. Cameron's not "one hundred percent," as she puts it, after getting one of her eyes and who knows what else blown out. This sets her up, not in the best of shape, for a battle with John Henry, that we do not see. He gets the better of her - or, at least, he leaves her body in the room, and he goes into the future, with her chip. (Possibly this wasn't a battle at all - Cameron may have willingly given John Henry her chip, because she knew she was damaged, and a danger to John.) If Catherine is to be believed, John Henry with Cameron's chip in the future is good. At the very least, it gets John to time travel with Catherine to the future...

Where he meets his father, and Derek (before Derek traveled back to our time), and ... Cameron ... whew... (*Note added April 11, 2009: Lucila Mango commented below that it was it not Cameron but Allison Young - I think this is probably right, and creates possibilities for John having a full-fledged physical relationship with her. They could have children, which would make for all sorts of future scenarios.)

And Sarah and Ellison are back in our time ...

The series had a few missteps in the first two seasons, no doubt. Too much meandering with local stories, and not enough development of the major plot threads. But the series has redeemed itself powerfully in the past few episodes, and especially in this finale. I hope we get to see more.

PS - Excellent, memorable FBI interrogator of Sarah - fine performance by Joshua Malina.

6-min podcast review of Sarah Connor Chronicles

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