Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost Meets Star Wars and The Sixth Sense in 5.13

A quiet, emotional Lost 5.13 tonight, as befits a character - Miles - who can listen to the dead, and who is also the abandoned son of Dr. Chang aka Marvin Candle.

On the island in 1977, we see Miles meet his father - someone who left his mother and him, when Miles was just a few months old, and therefore Miles tells Hurley he is not interested in getting to know as an adult back in time.

But this scenario provides another touching time travel vignette, of a boy, now grown, getting a second chance to get to know his lost father.

Hurley encourages Miles, with some talk about Luke and Darth and the Empire Strikes Back. Not only that, we get another wink at the fun of time travel, with Hurley explaining to Miles that Hurley, who has seen the movie umpteen times, and knows every line, plans on writing the script and sending it to George Lucas.... (Hurley's becoming the resident science fiction discussant on Lost.) We also get a rare glimpse of Hurley's numbers - on the hatch, which is being built - and that reminded me how little we know of them. I'm guessing we won't find out more until next year.

Tonight also had some good flashbacks of Miles before he came to the island - including a plea from a group of guys not to go back to the island. Who are they? Ben's men? Maybe...

And in two weeks we'll see the next step in this story ... which features Faraday. There's only one reason he's coming back to the island in 1977 (after having left it, off camera). He's determined to save Charlotte...

5-min podcast review of Lost 5.13

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