Monday, April 20, 2009

24 Season 7 Hour 19: One Great Spinning Season

Well, once again, my intrepid powers of analysis and prediction have apparently been proven ... wrong.

Last week, I said I couldn't believe that Tony was bad. Truthfully, I still can't believe it this week, but in the Season 7 Hour 19 I just saw, Tony sure looks that way. Jack thinks so, too.

Jack's still veering between functioning and collapsing, and he collapses before he's able to further question or shoot Tony, and Kim's on the way to the airport to fly back home. I predict she'll change her mind (hey, I have to be right about this easy one), though I still like my idea that Jack developed an immunity to the pathogen if/when he was exposed to it in Sangala.

Larry seems definitely dead. Hodges should be - he took the heart attack pill - but he seems to be hanging on. Is that because he had the heart attack in the car rather than in his jail cell? But if so, the knock-out redhead with the blond wig - who gave Hodges the pill - didn't seem too upset that Hodges was being taken out of the cell.

We see her next week - in Tony's arms - which further seems to be telling us that Tony is bad. But I still have my problems with that. One problem - as Dawn commented on this Infinite Regress blog about Hour 18 last week - is how the bad Tony was able to fool Buchanan and Chloe? Jack's reasoning may also have been a little off when he confronted Tony tonight - after all, he's in the throes of the germ. And why did Tony help bring down the Dumbaku attack, the Juma assault on the White House, and the Hodges attack as well? All in the service of some even worse bad guy or force? I suppose so, but doesn't quite add up.

But Tony's doing evil after evil. He killed Larry (assuming Larry really is dead). He could have easily killed Renee when he lured her and the FBI team into the building wired to explode.

If I had to bet, I still think Tony will turn out good. But the odds look long against me....

And that's why I'm really enjoying this great season! And, yeah, it was good to hear that Kim's little daughter is named Teri.

5-min podcast review of 24.7.19

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