Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Problem with Baby/Toddler Aaron and the Return of the Oceanic Six on Lost

I just saw tonight's Lost special on the Oceanic Six, which more or less explained or at least accounted for all points we might have missed or not understood about the Oceanic Six, and how they got back to the island ... except for one big (or little) thing:

Baby/Toddler Aaron.

Lost challenged us, early on in the story of the Oceanic Six, to figure out who they were. One by one, their identities and stories came into focus ... Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun ... and baby Aaron.

At the time, I thought making baby Aaron one of the Oceanic Six was pushing it, a bit. Baby Aaron was in utero - Claire was pregnant with him when Flight 815 crashed. Aaron was born on the island. Bringing him back as one of the Oceanic Six barely made it ... but ok.

But, seeing the special retrospective tonight brought home what I see as a far more serious flaw in the return of the Oceanic Six. Over and over again, the characters say that everyone who left the island has to go back. And yet, Aaron was not among those who returned.

Perhaps there will be some plausible explanation for this, in a future episode. (I also see Kate leaving Aaron behind in LA as needing more explanation, but this is less of a problem.)

But, as of now, Aaron not on the returning plane is the one part of this otherwise superb story that just doesn't add up for me.

There is one explanation - which I hope is not the case, because it comes from outside of the story. I can understand why the producers/writers of Lost would not want to have the characters bring an innocent toddler on a plane which was going to crash - a three-year old who of course was not capable of making a decision to go on the plane. If this was the case, I can well understand it, and in fact agree with it. But, then, Lost should have provided some plausible explanation for why Aaron did not have to be on the plane.

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